We have another team member!

Glitz, glamour, trash talk, face offs, weigh ins, ring walks, a jab, a straight right, a knockout, controversy, and the three words “And the New!”. These are all things and more which draw us in to boxing and keep us coming back like Bubbles on a corner in Baltimore. It reels us in for a ride of pure adrenaline where the sight of one human landing a punch on another is enough to make you leap in excitement or look on in amazement as a boxing masterclass is handed out. Once you get the bug for boxing you may begin to follow certain boxers and there are not many sports in the world where nothing happens for a while and then BOOM! Your favourite fighter has announced his next fight after 1 year out the game so you spend the next couple hours on social media, watching press conferences and looking at stats.

My earliest memory of Boxing was back in 2002: Lewis v Tyson “IS ON”. I remember the montage vividly on sky sports and was amazed when a full-blown brawl erupted on the stage at the press conference. Being an 11-year-old kid into WWF at the time, I was like whoa this is cool. Back on our dial up modem I had to research Lennox Lewis and Mike Tyson to find out bit more about them, coming across Tyson’s infamous incident with Evander Holyfield.

I didn’t really follow boxing properly until Mayweather v De La Hoya and the emergence of Ricky Hatton in 2007. Me and my friends stayed up to watch Mayweather v Hatton: Undefeated. Being a boxing novice at the time I fully believed Hatton would bully and stop the brash, cocky American so it was very deflating to see him utterly outclassed by a man who would later become my favourite boxer. Super fights transcend sport and attract new supporters which is certainly how I got into boxing. I’m sure everyone can recall the first big fight they watched or the exact moment they got into boxing. Now I watch it religiously and I have been lucky enough to attend a few live events which have automatically gone into my top 10 for live sporting events. There are some very exciting fights coming up in the next few months and I’m looking forward to posting on here and offering some insight away from the usual journalists!



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